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Teaching Lean Practices


A Quality Podcast

Brian discusses "better, easier" – a CI philosophy that allows companies to get great results even when Lean, per se, is off the table.

Teaching Lean Practices


A Quality podcast (extra)

Bald Eagle Rescue

He's not just an ordinary guy who's all about teaching Lean practices – Brian is a genuine "boy scout" having served as an Army Ranger and he's quite the hero. Listen to this incredible story of how he saved a bald eagle.

Teaching Lean Practices



No Rats Allowed!

Persistent problem solving using Lean solutions in the construction industry. Field Driven Lean’s Brian Winningham explains how to solve those pesky persistent problems with an array of Lean tools.

Teaching Lean Practices


Army Ranger techniques

Lean Planning for Teams – 5 Things the Army Rangers Can Teach Us

Brian explains how the construction industry can learn a lot about Lean Planning from the mission planning techniques of the Army Rangers. 

Teaching Lean Practices


Born and raised in the field

Brian describes embracing lean construction and processes as a leader in construction. 

Teaching Lean Practices


the people side of lean

Brian describes his construction career journey since he was 10 years old and how he shifted his business during the 2020 global pandemic.

Teaching Lean Practices - Kaizen


a deeper meaning with kaizen

Brian describes how Kaizen is used in many places as a change management system and it can be a great engine for organizational change over time.

Credit: Lean Construction Blog

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